Our flat rates: Everything included. No surprises.

Flat 2000Flat 4000Flat 6000Flat 9000Flat 12000Flat 15000Flat 18000
Price per month, €24.9939.9949.9959.9969.9979.9989.99
Transactions included monthly, in €2,0004,0006,0009,00012,00015,00018,000
Mobil card terminal with charging cradle
4G multi-SIM
Major credit and debit cards

Transactions in excess of the respective included volumes are charged 1.49% at the end of each calendar month. In your first month, monthly fees and included volume are charged pro-rata.

This offer is exclusively for companies, sole traders and other commercial or freelance users in Germany. Our flat rates are VAT exempt except for the included fees for the card terminal (€20).

We offer 36-month contracts. You can switch up to a higher flat rate at any time. You can switch down for the next month up to two days before it starts.

General Terms and Conditions for Services and our Fair Use Policy apply.

With Adson, it's all included!

State-of-the-art mobile card terminal (4G and WLAN) with charging cradle 
Most charge extra
Android based, with large touch screen – easy to clean and easy to use, like your phoneMost charge extra, few even offer
4G Multi-SIM card, delivering the best coverage anywhere in Europe 
Most charge extra (up to €5 monthly)
Delivered the next day – ready to accept all cards 
Typically several days or even weeks 
All transaction-based fees – card transactions, end of day processing and software updates 
Up to 0,10 € per transaction
Business cards (Visa & MasterCard) 
Up to 1,3% extra
Non-European cards (Visa & MasterCard) 
Up to 1,3% extra
Deposit pooling service – one daily payout (saving up to € 0.10 on per deposit bank fees) 
Most charge extra