Helping small and medium-sized traders succeed

Markus Hövekamp

Compared to large merchants, small and medium-sized merchants pay far too much for cashless payments – and for solutions that don't really fit.

My wife and I founded Adson to change that. We bring you the best payment terminal designed with you in mind, a simple, no-tricks pricing model, and excellent service – all for an unbeatable price.

I have been an expert in cashless payment for 15 years - first as Country Manager for Austria and Switzerland for one of the world's leading terminal manufacturers, then as Managing Director for Germany and finally as Vice President and General Manager for Germany, Italy, Spain and Portugal. I was also Chairman of the Supervisory Board of one of the largest payment service providers for stationary merchants in Germany.

We developed excellent solutions for large retailers – delivered everything they needed even though they ended up paying quite low fees because of their market power. These solutions were then sold on to smaller and medium-sized retailers even though they were not a good fit – at a much higher price.

We built Adson differently. You are our first and only priority. Our mission is to bring you the best solution imaginable.

We start with the terminal: Android-based and easy to use, like your smartphone. Hard-to-clean buttons are replaced by a large, brilliant touch display. It has a built-in fast printer and a multi-SIM card comes included, assuring you have the best available network connection anywhere in Europe whenever WLAN is available.

Our prices are easy to understand, no payments gobbledygook with pages and pages of price lists. You choose a flat rate that includes everything: the terminal, the SIM and all transaction and card fees up to the agreed inclusive volume. It couldn't be simpler.

And finally: our service, which is specially tailored to small and medium-sized merchants. If you order by 3 p.m. and we complete the mandatory money laundering check, we will ship the terminal the same day – and you can get started the next day.

We want you to be successful.

Our contribution: we make cashless payment as easy, reliable and affordable as possible for you. We promise.

Markus Hövekamp
Founder and CEO