Card payments. Simple, reliable and affordable – as it should be.

Android-based card terminal Adson Pax A920

Serve customers quickly.

Android-based for easy set up and use, like your smartphone. Built-in high-speed printer. End-to-end encryption (PCI-P2PE) safeguards customer and your data.

Never miss a sale.

Professional, robust terminal with 4G multi-SIM automatically connects you to the fastest network if Wifi is down or when you’re on the go, anywhere in Europe. Backed by a fast replacement service.

Never overpay.

Terminal, SIM, transaction and card fees come standard in our transparent all-inclusive-no-surprises flat rates. From €24.99 per month (incl. €2,000 transaction volume).

Adson Flat Rates. Everything included. No surprises.

  • State-of-the-art Android terminal with charging cradle, perfect for mobile or stationary use.
  • 4G Multi-SIM, automatically connects you to the strongest network if Wi-Fi is unavailable, across Europe.
  • Fast replacement service, just in case.
  • Transaction and card fees for Girocard and all other major cards (Visa & MasterCard) up to the agreed included volume.

per month incl.
card turnover 

per month incl.
card turnover 

per month incl.
card turnover 

per month incl.
card turnover 

per month incl.
card turnover 

per month incl.
card turnover 

per month incl.
card turnover 

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If your card sales are higher than expected, it's no problem! Either upgrade your plan before the end of the calendar month or pay 1.49% for card sales in excess of your included volume.

We offer 36-month contracts. You can switch up to a higher flat rate at any time. You can switch down for the next month up to two days before it starts.

Further details in our price list.

With Adson, it's all included!

State-of-the-art mobile card terminal (4G and WLAN) with charging cradle 
Most charge extra
Android based, with large touch screen – easy to clean and easy to use, like your phoneMost charge extra, few even offer
4G Multi-SIM card, delivering the best coverage anywhere in Europe 
Most charge extra (up to €5 monthly)
Delivered the next day – ready to accept all cards 
Typically several days or even weeks 
All transaction-based fees – card transactions, end of day processing and software updates 
Up to 0,10 € per transaction
Business cards (Visa & MasterCard) 
Up to 1,3% extra
Non-European cards (Visa & MasterCard) 
Up to 1,3% extra
Deposit pooling service – one daily payout (saving up to € 0.10 on per deposit bank fees) 
Most charge extra

Our card terminal – simply the best!

Finally a terminal designed for everyone. Turn it on, connect to Wifi or Internet via the included SIM, just like your smartphone – and go…

Perfect for you

  • Android-based, easy to use – like your smartphone
  • WLAN (2.4 and 5 GHz) with fallback to cellular (4G)
  • Bright 5-inch touchscreen
  • Fits nicely in your hand. You can feel the quality!
  • Extremely reliable

… and your customers

  • Contactless payments (by card, Apple Pay, Google Pay)
  • No unhygienic buttons for PIN entry
  • Fast printer, no time lost waiting for a receipt or inputting their email
  • Highest protection for sensitive card data (PCI-P2PE certified)
  • An easy and fast payment experience!